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Ld James De Warrenne / paul kaveshan <pkjdw at> wrote:
> Why is there a huge rush to get a name??

The first Lion's Tale (at least, the first one on-line), at , has a first draft of a
name list.  It was dated August of last year, and was based on
previous Southern list discussion.  The Lion's Tale that had the
checked list of proposals is dated March of 1999.

Given that, I would like to know why you feel there's a rush, because
it may indicate a problem in the process.  For example, was the ballot
your first exposure to the ideas?  Was the process and discussion
mentioned in your area, or at events you went to -- if so, when?

> [Dor{e'}, I think, wrote:]
>>A name should be something that inspires us and speaks to our

"Ragnar Ulfgarsson" was a pretty average Norse name.  Was he
uninspiring?  Did he not speak to our hearts?

I know a lady who is inspiring and speaks to our hearts because she a
lady of great beauty, grace, fire, and wit.  Her name is "Octavia",
just a rather common Latin name.

"Ansteorra" ... on linguistic grounds, the name is ridiculous.
It inspires us because of the people living here and their great deeds
and fame, as well on the field of battle as in arts and in

So will it be with any Southern Regional name.

Daniel "c.f. 'wherefore art thou Romeo?' et seq." de Lincolia
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