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Tue Aug 10 08:17:19 PDT 1999

Timo wrote:
> an "underhanded way to sneak in a principality"

I hope not.  I'm rather against a principality.  I'd like to see a
good name for the area, though.

> that the ballot was "rigged, because my selection wasn't on it"

If you remember who said such a thing, would you please ask them what
name they suggested?  Perhaps we can trace it and find out why it
wasn't on the ballot.

> that the ballot was somehow tainted because there was none of the
> names of the persons who were on the selection commitee on the
> ballot.

I, for one, didn't think anyone would be interested and didn't keep
close track of the details.  AElfwyn (from Bjornsborg) and I sent out
the names to be vetted by heralds; I can find out exactly who
commented.  AElfwyn collated the reports and summarized at need.  I
don't recall how the star ratings go ton there; I did only one.  The
Southern Regional Seneschal, whose name I am suddenly unsure of and I
am sure only that she'll kill me -- Keyna? -- anyway, I think she
suggested a round number, and I think AElfwyn and I suggested

The opinions on the names themselves are personal opinions and do not
touch me.  You have yours, I have mine, big deal.  It's the untruths
-- the accusation of rigging, of non-periodness -- that hurt me.  The
accusation of rushing disturbs me, because either
- someone didn't get a chance to hear about the process despite living
  here during it, so there was a problem
- or else it's simply untrue in that person's case

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