SR - Late Entry

Tim Lozos timden at
Tue Aug 10 08:55:37 PDT 1999

Daniel wrote....

>  It's the untruths
>-- the accusation of rigging, of non-periodness -- that hurt me.

Me too, thats what I meant by "inflammatory rhetoric". I explained at our
meeting how we had, over the past year and a half, taken suggested names and
had a Heralds committee whittle out the "insta-bounces", then how Lady Sosha
(the regional seneschal) had sent out the finalists to the local seneschals.
It seems that the populace here remains very split about the whole idea, to
the point that I wonder if it would be better for group dynamics to leave
the Southern region.

It seems to me that you would have to have lived in a cave to be uninformed
about what has happend over the past, say, 2 years within this region. That,
or deliberatly remained uniformed as a defensive measure. I just wish people
would "fight fair".

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this ballot is just a populace poll, and
beyond that anyone can vote, regardless of membership. There is nothing that
says the final name *has* to be used as the Southern region's name.


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