SR - Late Entry

Eirik eirik at
Tue Aug 10 20:30:45 PDT 1999

> I too have noticed a underwelming show of enthusiasm regarding any of the
> names on the ballot. Of course, this attitude seems to come from the
> who have taken practically no part in the entire process up till now. At
> last populace meeting I heard many things. That this was an "underhanded
> to sneak in a principality", that the ballot was "rigged, because my
> selection was'nt on it", that the ballot was somehow tainted because there
> was none of the names of the persons who were on the selection commitee on
> the ballot.

Okay, first, I'd also like to say that the list of names and the selection
for the ballot were very unbiased. However, I too find myself not liking the
names on the ballot. I also am at a loss for a name that would work better
than the current list. I haven't heard of any accusations of rigged ballots
and would have spoken up if I did.
    It seems to me that a lot of people are unaware of the Northern region's
name and that it is still just a region. It takes a lot more than just a
name to make a group. The name is just to give meaning to the southern


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