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[Has this been on the Ansteorran list too?  Interesting

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Alex of Middleford wrote:
> Geez.  Scrolls.  The name thing. How come it's so complicated?  So
> I'm new and naive.  Can't the King just decide?  That would be
> sooooo much easier. I mean, he IS the king...

(Scrolls?  Maybe it's an Ansteorran list topic.)

So what's Queen Octavia, chopped liver?  The very first sentence of
Ansteorran kingdom law is "The rights, duties, and powers of the Crown
of Ansteorra rest equally and jointly with the Sovereign and the
Consort".  (Except for Corpora's provisions for the Sovereign alone
for heavy fighting, and certain traditions regarding the Consort and
rapier fighters.)  Shall we ignore that shining example of beauty and
wits, our Queen?  (I admit it: I was very impressed by her in the
Pelican meeting.)

That amendment aside, any SCA location name has to be acceptable to
the populace in general, if only on the practical grounds that if
people dislike the name they won't use it and they'll hate the people
who imposed it.  I've already read a couple of complaints on the
Southern list about bias and railroading, despite an attempt at an
open and participative process; imagine the fury if a name were
selected without input.

(We're not talking an SCA branch here, but as a mere analogy, consent
of the populace (read: poll / petition) is required for an SCA branch
name to be registered or changed.)

As Inman (as kingdom seneschal) found out a few years ago, regional
identity cannot be imposed from above, and a name is usually viewed as
part of regional identity.

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