SR - Re: Scrolls, names, late entries...oh my!

Tim Lozos timden at
Wed Aug 11 06:04:59 PDT 1999

>Geez. Scrolls. The name thing. How come it's so complicated?  So I'm new and
>naive. Can't the King just 
>decide? That would be sooooo much easier. I mean, he IS the king...

Yeah, that might be easier. But remember, the Crown is only Crown for 6
months, and many of their decisions have long reaching ramifcations. If
Thier Majesties said "All scroll charters will henceforth be handpainted",
They still would have to find someone to do them. This might be a bit
difficult since all the scribes in the kingdom would be pissed. Not because
of the work, but being *told* to do the work.

Same as our Regions name. If the Crown said "Henceforth, you shall be called
WallaWalla Land", the general reaction would be "yeah, right, try and make
us". Even if it was the *perfect* name, which caused trumpets from heaven
and tears to well up in the eyes of brave men as it was spoken, the reaction
would be negative.

"But,but, but the King's word is law..."  Well, sure it is,but remember this
is a volunteer organization and the Crown rules because we *believe* that
they do. Just trying to tell SCAer's what to do is like trying to herd cats.
The Crown does have a lot of power, but They often do listen to what the
populace wants.


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