SR - big sigh

Martin, Brian bmartin at
Wed Aug 11 07:56:01 PDT 1999

I would not suggest that Jehanne and Daniel (for example) are 
therefore lazy or don't care. Both work very hard in their own areas. 
I would bet that both have said something about YR to their friends 
at some point, or perhaps read a post from the Ansteorra list 
concerning YR, but felt they had little to add. I am sure if either had 
something important to add to our work, they would have commented 
-- even if had not occurred to them until the last minute.

>> And neither of them has attacked the process once it was going into its
final stages, without 
>> having said anything prior to that point. (Like Aqualanne, I'm not
accusing Dore of attacking 
>> anything. I'm referring to those shadow people that I've been reading
about for the last few 
>> days).
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