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Mirrim and Suvdchin mirrim at
Wed Aug 11 08:09:39 PDT 1999

> I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disregard the queen. I hear she's especially
> good with a crossbow. Maybe I should hide for awhile...
> ~AleX~

Don't worry.  HRM Octavia is very gracious and forgiving.  Unless it's on the 
melee field and you don't notice that she has shot you, then you hear the high 
pitched cry of "I Got Youuuuu!"  


"In the year 1999 and seven months, 
from the sky will come the great King of Terror.  
He will bring to life the great king of the Mongols.  
Before and after war reigns happily." 

-- Nostradamus (1500-1566), 
French astrologer, physician and prophet, 
from "Centuries" (1562).
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