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Wed Aug 11 09:58:56 PDT 1999

I don't think the regional borders were ever supposed to make sense 
geographically.  They are just so all the kingdom officers have regionals over 
the same areas.  Otherwise, I might split up groups alphabetically for my 
deputies to administer and Burke might split up groups in vertical stripes, and 
Kief might break them up into horizontal stripes; and then no one would know 
which deputy kingdom officer was responsible for a given group.  It would 
change for each office.

None of the regions make sense geographically when you look at them on a 
map.  But, getting the groups in question to agree to be moved around could 
start a riot.  The final decision is the Crown's, but I don't think they would 
make changes without mass agreement and a good reason.


> Timo has said enough here to make me think hard on this: Does the current
> boundry of the Southern Region make any sense?
> I've stared at a map for hours trying to justify it and still can't.

> Dieterich (on horse, backwards, tied to tree by noose, waiting for the big
> slap)

"In the year 1999 and seven months, 
from the sky will come the great King of Terror.  
He will bring to life the great king of the Mongols.  
Before and after war reigns happily." 

-- Nostradamus (1500-1566), 
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from "Centuries" (1562).
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