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Lee & Sosha catsden at
Sun Aug 15 20:29:58 PDT 1999


	I have been reading with interest the debate on what will happen in
the naming of the Southern Region.  It was polled that the Southern
Region would like to be named.  (Most thought that Jack or Jane was
far too simplistic for this bouncing baby and therefore wished for
something grand.)  It is a very good idea.  However there is a catch.
If a name is not chosen and None of the Above gets the vote, that is
what has been decided by the poplulace.  The Southern Region will be
nameless.  There will be no second chance for quite some time.
	It may happen that another push a couple of years down the road will
start the whole process again and we can vote our likes then.  So if
you wish to vote for a name do so now.  If you do not like what has
been suggested, researched, and provided, in a process that has
consumed the better part of eight months: fill in the blank.  

Sosha Lyon's O'Rourke
Southern Regional Seneschal
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