ANST-Announce - Lost and found at Steppes Warlord

Franchesca Havas ches at
Wed Aug 25 21:27:56 PDT 1999

The following list includes the items in the Steppes "lost and found" bin.
Many of these items were retrieved at Steppes Warlord this past May; some
are older than that.  If you recognize any of these items as belonging to
you, please contact Lady Catrin or Master Fritz @ 214-821-1223 or
khardy at  Whatever items are unclaimed by January 5, 2000 will be
disposed of.  Thank you.

3- metal folding chairs
3- director's chairs (2 yellow 1 black)
2- wood folding chairs
1- bucket of gold and silver pebbles
1- bag of Mardi Gras beads
1- tackle box w/ leather-working tools
1- greatsword w/ stabbing tip
1- single sword
1- unpadded glave
2- basket hilts
1- walking stick
4- white ceramic mugs-specify decoration
1- tin candle lantern
1- wood mug (name "Cofrin Avatar")
1- Middle Eastern style ladies
1-small knife w/ sheath chain belt
1- silver tone charm cuff bracelet
1- green/purple glazed mug
1- earth-tone glazed goblet
1- wood plate, bowl and mug
1- orange/blue woven belt
1- leather Sable Crane
1- koala bear beanie baby
1- red woven belled collar
1- roll of black/gold trim in paper bag
1- celtic cross pendant
1- ball and claw pendant
3- pewter mugs
1- pair child's 101/2 Stride Rite sneakers
1- gold cigarette case
1- pouch full of pennies many asst. wooden bowls
1- salad bowl set (wood)
1- peach bamboo parasol
1- very large ceramic mug-identify
1- child's green tom-tom
1- handled basket
1- pouch w/ furniture wedges
1- black watch cap
1- green/gold hooded cloak
1- teal simple T-tunic
1- purple peasant blouse
1- pair ticking stripe pull-on pants
1- beige skirt or petticoat
1- white petticoat w/ eyelet
1- black tunic dress
1- yard of navy wool
1- green/black hooded cloak
1- three-slot pouch
1- pair black leather boots
1- small pewter mug w/black leather sheath and many site tokens

F. Havas
Dallas, Texas
motto: Numquam scribae ridente fide

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