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>The site, St. Helen's Catholic Church at 2700 E. University Avenue in 
>Georgetown, will open at 11:00 am and closes at 11:00. Take I-35 to 
>Georgetown; take the University exit #261 and go east on University 
>Avenue. Go past the University to 2700 East University Avenue (~3 
>St. Helen's Catholic Church will be at the top of the hill on the right 
>side of the road. [NOTE to those going South on I-35:  Exit 261 was 
>closed this week for road work! Watch for SCA signs for the exit you 
>to take!]
>Candlemas approaches but the Black Death rages like a wildfire across 
>countryside, emptying village and city alike.  Skulls and shrouds and 
>mass graves have become commonplace.  'Tis indeed a dread time.  How 
>can Bryn Gwlad, in good conscience, celebrate Candlemas-a time of 
>purification and rebirth?  
>How can we not?  Death is but a phase in the great cycle of life.  Join 
>us then as we confront Death in all his terror and glory.  We will 
>and play the day away in celebration of the continuance of life.  
>though, Death himself knows of our plans and is likely to appear.  Come 
>then in masks or fully costumed to fool the Reaper, for his touch is 
>fatal (though legend has it Death will occasionally strike a bargain).  
>Feast throughout the afternoon and into the early evening on a 
>sideboard-provided by our own Clarissa di Firenze-that is guaranteed to 
>be to die for. Pork roasts, sausages, meat pies, dumplings, stuffed 
>mushrooms, roasted vegetables, cheesecakes, candies, and fruits is just 
>partial list of the sumptuous spread we will regale you with.  Dance 
>yourself to death, enjoy theatrics that are sure to slay you, or simply 
>hang out with the dead in the Purgatory Lounge. Splendiferous prizes 
>be awarded for the Best Mask, Best Costume, Best Death, and of course, 
>Best Deal with Death.  
>We are anticipating an offering of classes, and there will be ongoing 
>children's activities throughout the day.Event fee (includes site and 
>sideboard-essentially an all-day feast running from 2:00 til 7:00) 
>$15.00.Make checks payable to Barony of Bryn Gwlad, SCA Inc.
>Steward: Mistress Aquilanne Jessica Grace mka Dory Grace, (512) 467 
>8566,amazing at
>Cook: Baroness Clarissa di Firenze, mka Dottie Elliott, (512) 990-7306, 
>difirenze at 
>Children's Activities: Lady Tabitha Baker,  (512)927-9853
>Additional information at: 
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