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What type of info are you looking for? Our rapier community here is small but
fun. Any info I can give you just ask.

Ld Pieter Rausch
Cadet to Don Jeremy
 My name is Timothy of Glastonbury and there is an extreme likelihood
 that just following Gulf Wars (the next weekend) I will be moving into
 the San Antonio area.  It is not 100% yet, but what I would really
 like to know (in private email please) is some information about good
 areas to look for an apartment, general information on SCA events in
 the area (I've already been to the Bjornsburg page and know about
 Lyonesse), etc.
 Anyone willing to give this somewhat job-offer-shocked rapier fighter
 from Elfsea assistance would be greatly appreciated.
 Timothy of Glastonbury
 mka Tim Rayburn >>
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