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Sun Feb 14 06:30:24 PST 1999

Good Morning one and all,

  A week ago, the Barony of Bryn Gwlad Brewers' Guild held a competition
  at Candlemas. This competition had a great turn out of almost 40
  different entries from I what I believe was 13 brewers and vintners.
  There was a good showing from different regions of the Kingdom, with
  a strong showing from Bryn Gwlad. (It was our home group, so it helps.)

  The winners of the different prizes are:

  Al-Yessir (Bryn Gwlad) - Wooden Fruit Press, 2 leather jacks
  HL Damaris of Greenhill (Bryn Gwlad) - Lots of honey
  Lord Tadhg macAedain uiChonchobhair (Namron) - 5 gallon keg
  Baroness Clarissa di Firenze (Bryn Gwlad) - pitcher, embroidered napkins,
     decorative bottle, 2 leather jacks

  The honorable mentions are:

  Master Jin Liu Ch'ang (Shadowlands) - leather bottle, 2 lbs of sealing wax
  Lady Magdalena da Cadamosto (Bryn Gwlad) - 2.8 gallon carboy, ceramic mug

  Al-Yessir and Baroness Clarissa won the 2 leather jacks for the
  "newcomer" category with both of them practicing the art they entered
  about 1 year.

  NOTE: The top 4 winners were all within 4 points of each other on a
        100 point scale.

  And to make sure to honor those people who donated prizes, here is the
  list of who donated what:

  Wooden fruit press - Bryn Gwlad Brewers Guild
  5 gallon keg - HL Damaris of Greenhill
  Lots of honey - Lord Alexander Ravenshaw
  4 leather jacks - Lord Madog Cochfarf (Og)
  Pitcher - HL Samuel Piper
  Embroidered napkins - HL Suvdchin of the Moritu
  Leather bottle - Lord Tadhg macAedain uiChonchobhair
  2.8 gallon carboy - Lady Magdalena da Cadamosto (yes, she won her own prize)
  Ceramic mug - Baroness Clarissa di Firenze
  Decorative bottle, 2 lbs of sealing wax - Phelim "Pug" Gervase and Myfanwy
    ferch Eiffion

  We did this competition from a "standarized" judging form that covered
  the categories of beer/ale, wine, mead and cordials. We also judged
  with two committees that ranged from 3 to 6 over the judging as people
  needed to do things.

  The forms seemed to work well, so we will try them again in the future.
  What these forms appeared to show regarding the different entries is that
  documentation is the primary thing holding some people back. While
  extensive documentation is not necessary, we had several people enter
  without any at all that were otherwise excellent entries.

  As for the judging, I think groups of 3 or 4 are the ideal size. Larger
  than that causes a little too much chaos to be efficent.

  I hope that competitions like this in the future help encourage more
  people interested in brewing and vintning to show up to compete and judge.
  With this style of judging, there is nothing stopping you.

  I would like to thank all the entraints for coming down and joining
  our competition. As well, I would like to thank the judges for their
  time and expertise to help honor these individuals.

In Service,

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