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Mon Feb 15 09:13:53 PST 1999

This Saturday, 20 Feb 1999, the Baronies of Bryn Gwlad and Ansteorra are
having a war practice at the Webberville Park in Webberville Texas.

The schedule of events will be as follows:
 9am:      Site opens
 9-10am:   Setup and arrivals.
 10-11am:  Armor Inspections
 11am:     Fighting begins.
 12am-2pm: Potluck lunch, open sideboard.
 4pm:	   Fighting ends.
 5-6pm:    Tear down and cleanup.
 6pm:      Site closes. 

  I am currently looking for one heavy and one light fighter to
coordinate the fights. At least half of the heavy fights will include
siege weapons and archery. Marshals for heavy and light fighting will be
much appreciated. It is also desired to have authorizing marshals
present for all weapon forms. Authorize now, avoid the rush.

  Directions: Take your best route to FM 969 (MLK Blvd) in Austin. Turn
East, from I-35 you will pass Hwy 183. Keep going East. About 12 miles
from 183 you will see a green sign that says "County Park" DO NOT TURN
AT THIS SIGN: it is for the wrong park. 2-3 miles or so past the green
sign you will see a brown sign that says "Webberville Park", turn right.
You will see a second, small brown sign a short way ahead, turn right at
this sign, the park will be right ahead of you. Follow the road past the
ranger's residence, you will see two pavilions at the bottom of the
hill, that's where we will be. I will have maps tomorrow (tuesday, 16
Feb) at the Bryn Gwlad weekly fighter practice for those who want them.

  If you have any questions, the Steward, Lord Charles Mackinnon, can be
contacted by e-mail at ldcharls at, or by phone between 5pm and
9pm at (512)491-7025.
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