SR - Interesting Idea.....

Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Mon Feb 22 19:07:39 PST 1999

An idea has hit me.

What started out as an idea for a good, high level rapier
tourney, has turned into a major Southern Regional my mind at least.
What do y'all think about having a Southern Regional Rapier
Champion?  And beyond 'bout a Southern Regional
Chivalric Champion...Equestrianne...A&S...Archer...etc

Lots of logistics to work out.  "Can people from outside the
region win?"...and such things as that.  I think that it
would be quite fun, and would help bring our region closer
together.  We could have nifty pass-down prizes, etc.   I
promise to do all in my power to prevent it from being held
in Gonzales in the depths of Summer.

 Does this sound like an interesting plan to y'all?

Ly. Isobel Hadleigh
(compulsive organizer)

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