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Brent & Susan Rachel hbrache at
Tue Feb 23 06:34:31 PST 1999

"Gail P. Taylor" wrote:

> An idea has hit me.
> What started out as an idea for a good, high level rapier
> tourney, has turned into a major Southern Regional
> my mind at least.
> What do y'all think about having a Southern Regional Rapier
> Champion?  And beyond 'bout a Southern Regional
> Chivalric Champion...Equestrianne...A&S...Archer...etc
> etc....?

A small knot of us discussed this at Candlemas.  We were discussing the idea of
using a possible Southern Regional name with a term OTHER THAN  "Champion" to
designate the winners of the tournaments in question.

Kazimir Petrovich

> Lots of logistics to work out.  "Can people from outside the
> region win?"...and such things as that.  I think that it
> would be quite fun, and would help bring our region closer
> together.  We could have nifty pass-down prizes, etc.   I
> promise to do all in my power to prevent it from being held
> in Gonzales in the depths of Summer.
>  Does this sound like an interesting plan to y'all?
> Ly. Isobel Hadleigh
> (compulsive organizer)
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