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Greetings and Hi there,

We have seven groups in the region: Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Ffynnon Gath,
Middleford, Raven's Fort, Shadowlands and Tempio (it would be eight if we
include Emerald Keep).

There are seven champions that I can think of: A&S, Archery, Rapier,
Chivalric, Equestrian, Bardic and Children's.

What I suggest is that in a rotational manner each group does one of the
events each year.  For example: Middleford might do A&S this year, Archery
the next, Rapier the third year, Chivalic the forth and so on while each of
the other groups are doing the same thing.  Every one gets their chance to
do each event.  Should there be eight groups and only seven events; either
come up with another event or each group would get a bye in the rotation.

I would also suggest that the event rotation be maintained and administered
by the regional seneschal.

Weather is a possible factor each event faces.  I would hope flood prone
areas would be avoided.

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Subject: Re: SR - Interesting Idea.....

>Fall would probably be as soon as we'd want to try to hold it...if not
>Kazimir reports that there was some talk about this already...what did
>come up with?  We could call our victors anything that we like...
>I agree that there should be a mandatory "winner is next-year's organizer"
>stipulation on each champion.
>We could also have classes and such going on.
>We should really try to get at least a name going...and arms would be cool,
>that we can put them on the prizes.
>Feast or no feast?  I think no, unless someone really wants to cook one.
>have talented cooks in the region...but which group takes the risk for the
>outlay..or in case of flooding?
>Do we want it one day or two day?
>I can help organize.
>First of all, we need what...three groups? say yes, for this to fly.
>Do we want it largely sponsored by one group (they put money out) or do we
>to try to coordinate between groups (which can be difficult)?  Can teh
>Region make money of its own?  We'll have to look and see how the 20th year
>are doing things...and modify them for a regional flavor.
>We should try to contact leaders in each area of specialization to come up
>What we need....
>Autocrat and Assistants.
>Someone from each group to coordinate workers, etc., and to act as liason.
>Someone in charge of
>   A&S
>   Archery
>   Equestrian
>   Rapier
>   Chivalric
>   Dance
>   Classes
>   Other incredibly obvious things that are presently eluding me.
>Martin, Brian wrote:
>>         I think that is a grand idea. Anybody want to start pitching
>> ideas/proposals?
>>         Pendaran
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>> Subject: SR - Interesting Idea.....
>> An idea has hit me.
>> What started out as an idea for a good, high level rapier
>> tourney, has turned into a major Southern Regional
>> my mind at least.
>> What do y'all think about having a Southern Regional Rapier
>> Champion?  And beyond 'bout a Southern Regional
>> Chivalric Champion...Equestrianne...A&S...Archer...etc
>> etc....?
>> Lots of logistics to work out.  "Can people from outside the
>> region win?"...and such things as that.  I think that it
>> would be quite fun, and would help bring our region closer
>> together.  We could have nifty pass-down prizes, etc.   I
>> promise to do all in my power to prevent it from being held
>> in Gonzales in the depths of Summer.
>>  Does this sound like an interesting plan to y'all?
>> Ly. Isobel Hadleigh
>> (compulsive organizer)
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