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Mistress Jehanne wrote:

>Amen Aethelyan,
>Please don't do that to a champion.  If they want to - they always 

I am not sure that Jehanne and/or Aethelyan are reading the suggestion by
Gilli the way I think he meant it. I read it as each group would, on a
rotating basis, be responsible for one of the seven different activities.
The person who won that activity the prior year would set the rules for
the next year's competition, not run the competition. The event steward
would then be responsible for providing the needed props (within reason)
for the various competitions. 

Expanding on the idea, I think that the events should take place twice a
year, like fall and spring (but not close to Gulf War), and the events
should rotate among the groups in the SR. Which group gets which event
should be set by a random drawing at the next SR fighter practice or some
other SR event coming up soon. Put all of the groups into a hat (okay I
mean the names, not the whole group --- the hat would be WAY too big! -
GRIN) and have someone draw out the names, the order drawn would
determine who would do them for the next three and a half years.
(before you jump on this, look at the end of this message -- I am

>I really think that if you are the one who wants to try to put this 
>it should be your vision!  An event steward really shines when they 
>have a
>strong idea of what they want to see and then choose a crew that can
>implement that vision.  

This is where the region gets to work together. The steward and the prior
winners _MUST_  work together to pull off the next event. I can't think
of a better way to do it. This is very much like what we did for the
SCA's Twenty-fifth Year Celebration (TFYC) in Burnet. If I remember
correctly, it was mostly folks from the SR that did the preliminary work
that caused that event to be as grand as it was. Coordination was the
key, and the site liaison, Rognvaldr, was good at getting all of the
_props_ there for everyone who needed them, with a lot of "we need this
for so-and-so" from the steward, Sigmund.

The groups (and the stewards) who do the first two will have a lot of set
up and, in reality, establishment of the traditions of the SR to do, the
ones that follow should have less planning and more pulling together of
props and expanding on what has happened in the past.

More brainstorming as I reread this brought this to mind: Have the
ranking (read that as been there the longest or most active now) person
in each of the seven activities be responsible for the way the first
competition is set up. After that it is the winner of the prior
competition who sets the rules. Any other ideas?

 I do urge you to limit the activities so that
>everyone will have time to visit with each other.  There's more 
>bonding done with a few Shiner Bocks and a fire than there is on a list

I totally agree with this concept, we probably need to divide the seven
possible areas into two semi-logical groupings (like chivalric and rapier
NOT being done at the same event) and go from there.

>-----Original Message-----
>>> I agree that there should be a mandatory "winner is next-year's
>>> stipulation on each champion.
>>What if you get someone totally inept at organization?
>>Bryn Gwlad

Everybody PLEASE brainstorm on this - Isobel and others have come up with
a really good idea. Let's pull it together and run with it!

Ivar -- I'll regret this, but I volunteer to be the Steward for the first
one (if Bjornsborg gets it or if I can talk everyone into letting BJ do
it just to get it running) -- Runamagi

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