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Greetings all,

Thank you Ivar.  That was pretty much what I had in mind.

However; if we do them twice a year, wouldn't that add two events to each
groups total yearly event total.  Unless ofcourse we get Kingdom to buy off
on this method of us doing *regional* events.  Currently, I believe, for it
to count as a *regional* event, at least three groups within that region
must be particpating in the putting on of the event.

Another possible problem I see with doing them twice a year is the Kingdom
calendar.  It's pretty crowded now.

OTOH doing them only once a year would take 7 years to do one turn.  But
then, aren't we in it for the long haul?


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>Mistress Jehanne wrote:
>>Amen Aethelyan,
>>Please don't do that to a champion.  If they want to - they always
>I am not sure that Jehanne and/or Aethelyan are reading the suggestion by
>Gilli the way I think he meant it. I read it as each group would, on a
>rotating basis, be responsible for one of the seven different activities.
>The person who won that activity the prior year would set the rules for
>the next year's competition, not run the competition. The event steward
>would then be responsible for providing the needed props (within reason)
>for the various competitions.
>Expanding on the idea, I think that the events should take place twice a
>year, like fall and spring (but not close to Gulf War), and the events
>should rotate among the groups in the SR. Which group gets which event
>should be set by a random drawing at the next SR fighter practice or some
>other SR event coming up soon. Put all of the groups into a hat (okay I
>mean the names, not the whole group --- the hat would be WAY too big! -
>GRIN) and have someone draw out the names, the order drawn would
>determine who would do them for the next three and a half years.
>(before you jump on this, look at the end of this message -- I am
>>I really think that if you are the one who wants to try to put this
>>it should be your vision!  An event steward really shines when they
>>have a
>>strong idea of what they want to see and then choose a crew that can
>>implement that vision.
>This is where the region gets to work together. The steward and the prior
>winners _MUST_  work together to pull off the next event. I can't think
>of a better way to do it. This is very much like what we did for the
>SCA's Twenty-fifth Year Celebration (TFYC) in Burnet. If I remember
>correctly, it was mostly folks from the SR that did the preliminary work
>that caused that event to be as grand as it was. Coordination was the
>key, and the site liaison, Rognvaldr, was good at getting all of the
>_props_ there for everyone who needed them, with a lot of "we need this
>for so-and-so" from the steward, Sigmund.
>The groups (and the stewards) who do the first two will have a lot of set
>up and, in reality, establishment of the traditions of the SR to do, the
>ones that follow should have less planning and more pulling together of
>props and expanding on what has happened in the past.
>More brainstorming as I reread this brought this to mind: Have the
>ranking (read that as been there the longest or most active now) person
>in each of the seven activities be responsible for the way the first
>competition is set up. After that it is the winner of the prior
>competition who sets the rules. Any other ideas?
> I do urge you to limit the activities so that
>>everyone will have time to visit with each other.  There's more
>>bonding done with a few Shiner Bocks and a fire than there is on a list
>I totally agree with this concept, we probably need to divide the seven
>possible areas into two semi-logical groupings (like chivalric and rapier
>NOT being done at the same event) and go from there.
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>>>> I agree that there should be a mandatory "winner is next-year's
>>>> stipulation on each champion.
>>>What if you get someone totally inept at organization?
>>>Bryn Gwlad
>Everybody PLEASE brainstorm on this - Isobel and others have come up with
>a really good idea. Let's pull it together and run with it!
>Ivar -- I'll regret this, but I volunteer to be the Steward for the first
>one (if Bjornsborg gets it or if I can talk everyone into letting BJ do
>it just to get it running) -- Runamagi
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