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Why 7 events???? it could easily be done in 2 or 3... Chivalric, Rapier,
Archery  and Equestrian champion could be done at one event.... Arts and
Sciences and Bardic at another.  That is 2 events.. Possibly three....

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>Bob Dewart wrote:
>> We have seven groups in the region: Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Ffynnon Gath,
>> Middleford, Raven's Fort, Shadowlands and Tempio (it would be eight if we
>> include Emerald Keep).
>> There are seven champions that I can think of: A&S, Archery, Rapier,
>> Chivalric, Equestrian, Bardic and Children's.
>> What I suggest is that in a rotational manner each group does one of the
>> events each year.
>  My personal opinion is that this would be a singularly bad idea, for
>the following reasons:
>1.  This would require us to make room in the (exceedingly) full kingdom
>calendar for seven events, on seven different weekends. This would be a
>Herculean task to accomplish, and we'd have to do it EVERY YEAR. I see
>two outcomes, some of the champion events can't find dates and get
>forgotten, or local groups get squeezed out of having multiple events by
>the overstuffed calendar.
>2.  Several of these things ought to be able to be done at the same
>event. For example, Chivalric and Rapier tourneys ought to be able to
>run on the same day, since most fighters won't be trying to do both.
>Those eligible for Children's champion won't be old enough to do either
>of those, and the A&S champion would be decided by a static display of
>works. Likewise, Archery, Equestrian and Bardic would take much less of
>a competitor's time than fighting in the lists would.
>3.  A Regional Champion event should be a chance for a group to really
>show it's stuff. When you're doing it every year, it's pretty hard to
>maintain that enthusiasm. Imagine doing a Crown List once a year! Much
>better, I think to let a group have some 'down time', and then let them
>really show off once in a while.
>  I'd prefer to see a single event, or at most two, each year. If we
>opted for two, how about have four champions chosen at one, and the rest
>at the other? That way, we could lessen the insanity at one event while
>still keeping hosting one from being too routine.
>Ld Charles macKinnon
>Bryn Gwlad
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