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	Hey, I like the name "Southern Festival". Of course, using an actual
name for the region when we get one rather than southern would be better. 

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Why not have a Southern Festival(one event) at which all the competitions
are held? Do it once a reign and have the southern groups rotate it around.
It would eliminate too many weekends and pull in different groups that might
not see each other that much.

                                                            Ivan The

Bob So eloquently said....
>>>> "Bob Dewart" <gilli at> 02/23/99 05:33PM >>>
>Greetings and Hi there,

>We have seven groups in the region: Bjornsborg, Bryn Gwlad, Ffynnon >Gath,
>Middleford, Raven's Fort, Shadowlands and Tempio (it would be eight if we
I>nclude Emerald Keep).

>What I suggest is that in a rotational manner each group does one of the
>events each year.  For example: Middleford might do A&S this year, >Archery
the next, Rapier the third year, Chivalic the forth and so on while each of
the other groups are doing the same thing.  Every one gets their chance to
do each event.  Should there be eight groups and only seven events; either

come up with another event or each group would get a bye in the rotation.

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