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Gail P. Taylor gtaylor at
Wed Feb 24 09:06:42 PST 1999

That's cool.  In answer to you and Meadhbh...remember the, "unless someone
really wants one" phrase.  The weather wasn't the only possibility...large
events often don't have them.  I don't know how large this one will be, but I've
got a feeling taht it will attract those from outside our region, particularly
if we allow "non-southern folk" to be the various Southern regional champions.
But, if someone wants to put one together, in possibly very primitive
conditions, that's neat...


Martin, Brian wrote:

> I hate to differ... but I think there should be a feast. As you have stated,
> there are a number of talented cooks in the region... why not let their
> talents shine as well during the event. I know we have had a number of
> events hit with flooding this year.... that is not a common occurance.  A
> feast also really adds to the ambience of the event, especially when it is
> outdoors on a cool, clear moonlight night with candles all around.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
> I agree with Meadhbh on this one, especially after the way she described
> things!
> Pendaran
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