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	I personally think that setting a traditional style for a tourney
that determines a champion, and then sticking with that style works better.
Of course, I could be the only one who feels that way. I will volunteer to
set up and be in charge of the chivalric tournament. In doing so, I'll poll
the fighters in the region and see what kind of list they would like to


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In terms of "steward"...I was thinking that the persons could be involved in
putting together the tourney parts, or at least designing the format.
if we want to absolutely assure that things will run smoothly, I agree that
might not be a good idea.  But the possibiliity exists for making them at
a co-runner of the event.


Martin, Brian wrote:

> Mistress Jehanne wrote:
> >Amen Aethelyan,
> >Please don't do that to a champion.  If they want to - they always
> >can.
> Ivar wrote:
> I am not sure that Jehanne and/or Aethelyan are reading the suggestion by
> Gilli the way I think he meant it.
> Pendaran responds:
> Ivar, you got lost in the thread. Jehanne and Aethelyan were responding to
> Isobel's suggestion that the defending champion be the next steward. I
> with them that that would be a bad thing.
> Pendaran
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