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Wed Feb 24 12:41:12 PST 1999

Salut Cozyns,

Lyonel aisai.

Baron Pendaren pens:

>	I personally think that setting a traditional style for a tourney
>that determines a champion, and then sticking with that style works 
>Of course, I could be the only one who feels that way. I will volunteer 
>set up and be in charge of the chivalric tournament. In doing so, I'll 
>the fighters in the region and see what kind of list they would like to

Let's do a William Marshal era tournament.  This is a blast, and it can 
go on as long as the daylight holds and the combatants can stand and 
swing a weapon:

Each fighter is assigned a ransom value commensurate with her/his rank, 
and we choose up sides with a random count.  Every time a warrior 
receives a telling blow, the defeated warrior is considered captured and 
follows the captor to the sidelines to pay ransom. If, while en route to 
the ransom point, the captor is waylaid by two or more of the captive's 
compatriots, the captive is immediately freed (but, to avoid some 
potentially nasty situations) is not permitted to attack the captor for 
at least five seconds.  If, on the way to the ransom point, the captor 
is attacked by a single foe, the captive must await the outcome of the 
bout.  If the captor bests the foe, the foe also becomes a captive.

At the ransom table, ransom points are delivered to the captor who.  
Each team has its own points of egress a ways away from the ransom table 
(this prevents a bottleneck at the ransom point).  In my experience, the 
fighting can go on longer if each warrior is assumed to have unlimited 

Warriors may work singularly or in teams (agreeing to split ransoms 
received, naturally).  

Here's one of my favorite variations: Ransom points need not remain 
static.  Naturally, ladies of quality should be enticed to watch the 
tournament.  Heralds should announce the deeds of prowess upon the 
field, and the ladies should sue with the keeper of ransom to increase 
the value of the truly preu warriors. How many ladies must request this 
increase?  Well, that depends upon the rank of the ladies of course.

In order to reap the benefits of this system of inflating ransom values, 
warriors should wish to do each of the following:

1) perform nobly and with much prowess,

2) wear crests, torses, mantles, tabards, surtouts or other 
accouterments in order to be more readily spotted in the press, and

3) hire a good herald for the day.

At the end of the day, the total points are announced, tales of prowess 
and chivalry are shared, and the ladies choose the champion (this need 
not be based on the point tally).

lo vostre por vos servir
Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

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