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Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Wed Feb 24 19:00:44 PST 1999

Pug writes:

>Dan Roberts (dan at said something that sounded like:
>> Why not have a Southern Festival(one event) at which all the
>> competitions are held?
>Although this sounds great, there are atleast some problems. With A&S
>and Bardic/Performance, you might end up with people who aren't able 
>compete because of they want to compete in the other competitions. In
>bardic even if held such that they could compete otherwise, I could 
>a serious disadvantage to those people exhausted from combat.
>The question is where do we draw the line with allowing people to 
>multiple competetions. Do we cater to all or force people to make 
>own decisions as to which is more important to them?

That is why I suggested two events. Although the idea of a "Southern
Festival" (substitute the name we will come up with for southern) is
great, I think the logistics would be too much, and it would force some
people to not participate in some of the event activities. Also, the idea
of having a site which would allow ALL of the things to happen the way
they should be able to happen is a bit much.  

There needs to be a lot more discussion on this, especially with the
folks NOT on the list. We are all going like gangbusters with ideas,
which is great, but we must remember that the vast majority of the
populace in the region are not on this list. 

Let's hold up on all of the volunteering to run the various aspects of
the event(s) until we find out if the SR wants to do this. Then we can
try to get a calendar date, then find a place to do it, after we figure
out if we want one or two events.

(BTW, all of the "champions" should have a year long term.)

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