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Thu Feb 25 06:36:52 PST 1999

Greetings from Jin Liu Ch'ang,

Dan Roberts wrote:
>> Why not have a Southern Festival(one event) at >>which all the competitions are held?

To which Ivar answered: 
>That is why I suggested two events. 
I am strongly against this idea.  As it is Shadowlands has trouble getting attendance at their events.  This year the Shadowlands chose a weekend when nothing else with no local conflicts only to have Elfsea change their Springfaire to that date thereby stealing most of the attendance again.  Two events would make it even harder for the smaller groups to get attendance at their local event.  

Why not have the championships as a part of already established regional events and that way get regional people going to regional events instead of going outside the region.

>BTW, all of the "champions" should have a year long >term.)
I agree.

Jin Liu Ch'ang
m.k.a. Norman White
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