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Lorraine and/or Kief deer_kief at
Fri Feb 26 04:04:15 PST 1999

Heilsa all Good and True Southerners...*grin*

It was written (and much has been said):

>Why not have a Southern Festival(one event) at which all the 
competitions are held? Do it once a reign and have the southern groups 
rotate it around.
>It would eliminate too many weekends and pull in different groups that 
might not see each other that much.
>                                                            Ivan The 

Well, I'm coming in late on the thread (so what's new...) Here's a 
thought, perhaps it hasn't been hashed yet. Put the Southern Festival on 
a 3 day weekend... Spread the competitions over a leisurely 2-day 
period, finish up on Monday morning and amble your way home on a 
holiday......... Do the event once per year... Sure, rotate the 
responsibility among the 8 groups under the Southern Standard... Cook a 
Grand Feast for Saturday and let the Long Ship Crew work their magic for 
Breakfast on Sunday....(gives the ship needed funds!)
Oh! And how about a Grand Court of all the Landed Nobility (wouldn't 
have to be long, few awards except for very special ones) lots of 
Ceremony and Splendor.... As well, an Equestrian Emprise is wonderful! 
Seeing the first one at Kingdom War Practice in Raven's Fort was 
stirring... Pavilions! Banners! Armory! Crests! Spectacle! Period 

Enough damage done for now...! Happy pondering...

Waes Thu Hael neighbors...
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

Just musing........

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