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Fri Feb 26 06:56:02 PST 1999

Lionardo wrote:
> After all, almost EVERY tournament I've been to has been some
> variation of a tree to somehow cull out who is the "best" fighter
> that day.

My understanding of the situation is
- that's not how it was done in period: I've heard it called
  "Olympic-style".  The period way was either judged (later) or you
  all go out into a big ransom melee and whack on each other until
  people cry uncle (earlier).

- Olympic-style is extremely popular among SCA fighters because they
  want a definite Winner.  (There may also be concerns about how much
  the observes see and are competent to judge.)

However, I could easily be wrong on these points; I invite anyone with
better information to correct me, as always.

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