SR - Judged Vs. Challenge Tourneys: Why not both?

Martin, Brian bmartin at
Fri Feb 26 11:53:47 PST 1999

Lionardo's thoughts on combining judged and challenge tourneys:

I think it's a good basis, as long as what has happened to Squires and
Cadets Invitational is avoided. In my opinion that tournament has become a
dog and pony show with little scores for everything and an extreme weighting
being given to the fighting and obscure tests and hoops to be jumped through
being given for no apparent reason beyond a nod to diversity of character.
Not a format that I, personally, enjoy. (Well, OK, I don't just not enjoy
it, I flat detest doing it, but that's just me. Like I said, I'm probably a
freak of nature.)

>> I agree, Lionardo, that we shouldn't have people judged in the same
manner as they are judged >> at Squire and Cadets.  What I had in mind was
more along the lines of having a few judges who
>> watch the challenge tourney looking for the aspects upon which people are
judged at Lyonesse.
>> Therefore, chivalry, showmanship, appearance and great feats upon the
field could count 
>> toward victory. Therefore, theoretically, you could two fighters who
finish the tourney tied
>> on combat points. One of those fighters looks terrible, never asks people
to yield, always 
>> challenges  easier fighters, is rude to the spectators and so on (I'm
using an extreme example 
>> here). If the other fighter is courteous, looks good, is respectful, puts
on a good show, and 
>> has received points for these attributes from the judges, he would win
the tourney. 
>> Obviously this is a simple and extreme example, but I think that it gets
the point across. 

I think the most important aspect of really having a good judged tourney is
to pick the right judges. While consorts are certainly a great possibility,
it must be remembered that they are not always the best judges. Although
there are a few consorts who fight themselves or who have taken the time to
truly understand the combat forms the one who fights for them participates
in, there are many who do not fully understand the subtleties of those
skills. How many times have you noticed a fighter on the field searching in
vein for the consort they are fighting for who is nowhere to be found
because the fighting does not really interest them? (I fully realize that is
not the only reason for a consort not to be at the field at a particular
time and even some who do show at the field are not really watching, it's
just a generalized statement to show a point.) I think it is most
appropriate, and certainly in our best interest, to seek out judges who
would seem to be most qualified in judging not only general style as well as
"honor, chivalry and pomp", as Sir Pendaran put it, but the subtleties of
those things as well as skill on the field.

>> I agree with Lionardo that picking the right judges is critical. I think
that they should be made
>> up of experienced people of both genders and include fighters and
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