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Fri Feb 26 09:44:29 PST 1999

SirKief at wrote:
> Weapons Construction:
> * All weapons will be made of non-reinforced foam rubber.
> * No thrusting weapons will be accepted.
> * Weapons may be covered with single layer, loosely wrapped duct tape
> for support.

  Here in Bryn Gwlad, we used to run a "fight a knight" booth at a craft
fair in town. The swords used were made with 1/2 inch of squishy foam
over a golf tube. If this would be acceptable for the youth division, it
would give them a weapon that would stand up to a little more
punishment, but still bend (quite a bit) when striking, or smoosh almost
flat when fallen upon.
  I do like the encouragement for combatants to learn the 'gentler
arts', but should this be listed in the combat rules? I would think
these guidelines would be better placed in an MOC handbook. Of course,
if we build a "participant's handbook" around these rules both would
then have a built-in outline, thanks to the combat rules.
  And the melee.. er.. discussion begins...    =)

Ld Charles Mackinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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