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Fri Feb 26 21:47:27 PST 1999

Brian & Pam Martin wrote:
> Gail asks,>
> Are there any other nice sites out there that would be good for fighting and
> horses?

Having looked over the Webberville site with future events in mind, I
don't think it has the proper facilities for horses. What about the site
we used for Courtier's Academy?

> Ok, Isobel and Ivar, and anyone else who may be listening,
> The southern region is a wonderfull  land filled with magical and inspiring
> people.  The south is also known for their unique and wonderfull events. I
> challenge you to make this event different, special, fantastic, inspiring,
> fun, unique to the Southern region.
> Championships are very common, many times the only hope for them is that the
> tournament becomes "the one to win" (a-la Steppes Warlord).  Lyonel's
> suggestion is a very nice start.  
  I agree with this. We need to have a tournament that everyone will
want to attend, and participate in. Let's all think about things that
would make it special.
  I rather like the idea of a judged tourney, provided that the criteria
that will be judged is known beforehand. How better to encourage
heraldic display, pageantry, and all those little things that make us
say "wow, look at that" than to let the combatants know that these
things WILL be looked for and WILL affect the final outcome.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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