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Sat Feb 27 20:32:42 PST 1999

CASTLE you ask?
The City of Canton has agrred in principle to looking at any plan we
would like to submit to build a permanent Castle Facade(like gulf wars
and Bordermarch) on the canton trade days Property.

Wouldn't it be nice to build a castle with the same or similiar
dimensions as the castle at gulf wars!
This is just in the planning stages. 
Here is what are some initial factors. 
1) The castle must be able to stand alone in all types of weather with
only minor maintenance.
2) The castle must be playground safe or rendered playground safe when
we leave the property.
3) Because of the location we should be able to get lumber especially
rough cut rather cheaply.

Please submit you ideas, drawings,plans etc to me. My email is
fairborn at

Imagine having a practice war to test everything you would like to test
or use at gulf wars.

Send me your ideas Ansteorra.  

in service

Richard Fairbourne
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