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Donal & Sosha catsden at
Sun Feb 28 16:49:26 PST 1999

	I have recieved your message.  As we discussed at Ravenfort's War
practice several weeks ago, according to Kingdom Law I needed the
neames of THREE groups for a Regional Event to be held.  What you and
the other two groups did amongst your self I did not need to know.  I
just needed the names to e-mail Richard that the event was a go.  I
still have not heard back from you on any of the other groups who
might support you.  If you whish to host an event and call it a
regional event that is certainly permissable since you can call an
event anything you want to.  It is not in the spirit of the best
interest of the region if it is not a group effort.
	Please e-mail or call if you have any further questions.
Sosha Lyon's O'Rourke
Southern Regional Seneschal
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