SR - I need a ride to war....

Lee Lemons lalemons at
Sun Feb 28 18:39:59 PST 1999

Thanks for the thought, anyway.  By the way, I think I'll be able to fly out to
New Orleans Friday afternoon.  At least this a possiblity.  Do you know anyone
who might be able to pick me, and possible a friend who is also flying, up?
Gas would be repaid and I'll treat for dinner - a really GOOD dinner.   We'd
need to be picked up approx. 8 pm.
: )


Bob Dewart wrote:

> I'm sorry,
> I didn't fully read the message.  We're going out on Sunday.
> Sorry.  Opps.
> Gilli
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> Subject: SR - I need a ride to war....
> >Greetings!
> >
> >I hear there's going to be some painting at war!  I no longer wield a
> >foil but I can a brush!!!
> >
> >I'd like to go to Gulf Wars but need a ride / rider.  I can't leave
> >Houston until Friday 11:30 A.M. (bummer!) and would like to ride with /
> >have another ride with me.  Anyone else have this same schedule?
> >
> >I live right off of Dairy Ashford and I 10, so there wouldn't be any
> >major detours in case someone from further west would be driving
> >through.
> >
> >Hmmm, bribes.....  very chocolaty brownies....if you are a fellow
> >painter, a pallet full of paint....I'll even paint your group's next
> >event's announcements that you mail out (you create, I paint..), if you
> >are a fighter, I give great shoulder rubs for after the Saturday melees,
> >hmmm... ....other bribes forthcoming as soon as I come up with them!
> >
> >Thanks in advance for any help given!
> >
> >Curstaidh Magorlick
> >
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