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Greetings all,

Depending on the date of the event, I volunteer my services as cook.  So
that, would accountant for three groups (Middleford).

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>Jan, who we don't hold responsible for Sir Corwin, wrote:
>>At the SR meeting at our Rattestoet event last spring, HE Jehanne sort
>>of playfully nominated Sir Corwin to hold the first SR Warlord event.
>>He agreed to do it.  He then asked me to autocrat it. Dates were sent
>>for a spring event.  We never heard back on a date.  When I checked
>>the new regional senechal she said that an event for a SR champion of
>>any kind had to be sponsored by three groups within the region and for
>>us to get together with two other groups and send in another date
>>request.  This was the first I'd heard of this.
>>Anyway, the point is, if this is so, Ffynnon Gath would like to one of
>>the three to sponsor SR Warlord.
>Well, if I can talk Bjornsborg into it at the meeting on Monday, that
>will make two for sures. Only we are planning more than just a _Warlord_
>tourney. If you have kept up with the thread of this thing, it is a
>glorious opportunity for the region to shine brightly. Jehanne, in her
>most glittering way, has thrown down the gauntlet -- challenging all of
>us to make this an event to remember (and I hope continue). I have a few
>ideas, but let's wait until we get word from all of the groups before we
>run off like a chicken with our head cut off.
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