SR - Ice Axe

Lady Simone margiejr at
Mon Mar 1 19:42:35 PST 1999

It was one of the best events I have had the opportunity to attend in years,
The members of middleford really did a wonderful job.

Lady Simone
Barony Of Elfsea
Bard of Middleford

The winner of Ice Axe is Morick, for the Artisin it's Julianna, for the Bard
>it's Samonne, the Archer is Talon, and he won the knife, axe, and speer
>throw. Team Archers is Chris and MorLoft,
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>>So who won the Ice Axe stuff?
>>Sometimes your ahead, sometimes your behind,  the race is long and in
>>the end the race is only with yourself.
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