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Hello, Donal here. Sosha is under the weather and asked me to forward
this note to the list:

> Hi all Richard Fairbourne here. Here is what is required for a regional
> event. Their may only be one Regional championship event per year. So
> you may only have one event where you could have a regional warlord, A&S
> Champion, Equestrian Champion etc... If a championship competition is
> not held during the regional event it must be held in conjunction with
> another event that is already on the calendar. A regional event will not
> count against any groups event total for that year. Also their must be
> an overall Autocrat coordinator from one group plus another deputy
> autocrat from each of the other two groups. So you still have to have at
> least three groups for a regional event and an autocrat from each group
> including an autocrat warrant from each group for thier autocrat for
> their event. The Regional seneschal has sole discretion as to whois
> awarded (location) a regional event. Ideally this regional championship
> event should be circulated to a different group within the region each
> year. Do not send you date request to me on this type of event. The
> regional event must go through the regional seneschal.

(end quote)

For those of you interested, the relevant portion of Kingdom Law is
Article V, Section 1.3.2:
"A Regional Calendar Event shall be defined as a gathering sponsored
by three or more officially recognized
branches of the Kingdom which is listed in advance on the Official
Kingdom Calendar of Events in the Kingdom newsletter, and for which
the date, time, and place have been published, for free, in advance in
the Kingdom newsletter, and which has one or more duly warranted
officers present and responsible for the conduct of the event. "  
This has been the law since at least the beginning of Richard and
Gladwen's reign. Personal note: To satisfy my own curiosity and look
into the possibility of regional heraldic collegia or related events,
I looked into the requirements for regional events well over a year
and a half ago. My (informal) inquiry to the Kingdom Seneschal
resulted in an answer remarkably similar to that above, though not as
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