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Tue Mar 2 11:33:09 PST 1999

Greetings, all, from Michael Silverhands:

Acting as Her Grace, Willow de Wisp's proxy, Lady Simone posted:
> >Here are the Performing Artists chosen to represent Ansteorra in the
> >Champion's Battle at Gulf Wars:
> >

Vivat to all who competed for this honor, and congratulations to those who won
it! As Baron of Stargate, I'm *especially* proud of
> >Dance: Ihon Vinson mac Fergus & Company
> >Instrumental:  Breoghan the Music Maker

Lord Ihon is our baronial Seneschal, and has a more-than-full-time job as
minister of Oaks Presbyterian Church in Houston. He researched, choreographed
and documented the original dance (based on period dance forms) his team will
perform. In spite of his busy schedule, he is taking time to rehearse this piece
and take it to the War.

And Lord Breoghan is our Titled Bard, an enormously talented juggler,
story-teller, and player of the violin and dulcimer (among other instruments).
He is also recovering from reconstructive bone surgery on his leg, with a
fascinating (in a gruesome sort of way) assortment of wires, pins and rods
running into and through his leg. Despite this, he was able to travel to our
recent Gulf Wars A&S selection competition, and will travel to the War next week.

For Lord Ihon and Lord Breoghan, along with *all* those who go to War to
champion Ansteorra's cause: VIVAT! These are the ones who will make other
kingdoms tremble in awe and respect when they hear the name, ANSTEORRA! These
are the ones who will make those who stayed home say "I wish I had been there."

Yours in service,
(Baron Michael Silverhands)
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