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Sun Mar 7 13:41:44 PST 1999

Daniel wouldn't give me the awards report unless I promised to post the
results, so here goes.

Lord Timo is once again Champion of Lyonnesse.
HL Isobel Grace Hadleigh is Artisan of Lyonnesse

Rising Stars were given to Helen of Bjornsborg and Suzanne of Bjornsborg,and
*yes, this is right,* Mari ferch Ruthyen.

Awards of Arms were given to Emily Penrose Blackwell, Johann of  Bjornsborg
(Studdly), and Amerinda da Bjornsborg.

A Sable Thistle for Glass-etching was given to Alysin of Greenbriar.

Sable Cranes were given to Regenwulf Osbern of Nymphsfield, Ivan ivanovich,
Andrius Lapinus (Cuddly), Nara of Fernwell, Richard ap Morgan, and Juliana nic
Clancy McIverson.

Isobel Grace Hadleigh was given an Iris of Merit.

Gunnora Hallakarva now can be addressed as "your excellency"; she was made a
court baroness.

And, as earlier announced, Alaric Drake was elevated to the peerage as a
Knight of the Realm.

Okay, Daniel?

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