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Sun Mar 7 22:19:11 PST 1999

Heilsa Timothy

You wrote:
>HLady Jan,
>Would not for most 'Texans' the word King also smack of bad modern
>feelings given how long and hard out ancestors fought for a government
>for and by the people?

No, not really... Most of the Texans out there only think of Kings in 
the modern sense these days...if at all. The King of Jordan, King of 
Spain, etc. Let's not talk of "King Clinton"...

>The fact of that matter is that we use words every day within our
>society that do not mean what they do in a modern world.  A Warden of
>the Southern Region (Warden of Campoleon ... that does have a nice
>ring), would be nothing more than fictional title, in the style of a
>historical title.

Sorry to say this (not) but the title would not be fictional. The holder 
of said title will have earned that honor just as surely as any 
historical title.

>It's all make believe, and we do it with all sorts of titles every day.

OK, I'll go out on a limb here (since when have I ever not...*grin*) Is 
it "make believe"? Or do we all, by our participation, make our dreams 
come true? When does a philosophy based on honor, truth, and fair play  
become the guide to our "everyday" life, rather than "make believe"? A 
King or Queen are just that if folk say they are... A Doctor or Lawyer 
are just that if they earn the title... No real difference.... (I can 
hear the flames burning even now.....)

>In service to the dream, and pleasant dicussion,
>Ld. Timothy of Glastonbury

Waes Thu Hael neighbor...!
Kief "ducking and dodging" av Kiersted
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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