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Jan Van Zandt mysticmarks at
Mon Mar 8 11:40:27 PST 1999

>Jan Van Zandt wrote:
>> While all of that is interesting and informative, not all of us play
>> English or Scottish personnas.   If our region comes to be called
>> "Campoleon", which is Spanish, then the Champions have a
>> English/Scottish title.  I wouldn't expect all of the champion titles 
>> be in Spanish either.  Actually there are very few Spanish personnas 
>> this area, but the name does have a nice ring to it.
Lord Charles wrote:

>  Yes, but we use some Scots symbology and usages, most notably the
>Thistle, despite our Kingdom's name being in Welsh. I fail to see why
>aelecting a Spanish name for our Region (should it become a
>principality) would prevent the use of the Scots/English term of Warden
>for our champions.

I do not believe that I ever said that  calling the region Campoleon 
should PREVENT usage of any certain language for titles and awards.

>  For that matter, the term 'warlord' has negative connotations in
>modern context. 


>Should we be so 'politically correct' as to not use any
>medieval title that we fear might annoy a few folks, wouldn't this one
>also have to go?
>  I would think it would be best to consider our titles in their
>medieval contexts, rather than yield to kind of small-minded
>scapegoating of words that obtains in the mundane press.

Being politically correct is not something I've ever worried about. :)

 If you have been in the SCA for more than a few years, you would know 
that we do need to protect our public image.  We do public demos which 
are many times covered by the press.  Remember, that is one way we 
maintain our non-profit status.

I respect your right to defend your idea of using the term, but please 
do not try to put down the people who disagree with you by calling us 
small minded scapegoaters.  That tactic simply makes you look like 
you've run out of positive reasons to use the your idea.  It is much 
easier to respect someone for having a positive attitude than a negative 

HL Jan

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