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   Yes, but we use some Scots symbology and usages, most notably the
 Thistle, despite our Kingdom's name being in Welsh. I fail to see why
 aelecting a Spanish name for our Region (should it become a
 principality) would prevent the use of the Scots/English term of Warden
 for our champions.
   For that matter, the term 'warlord' has negative connotations in
 modern context. Should we be so 'politically correct' as to not use any
 medieval title that we fear might annoy a few folks, wouldn't this one
 also have to go?
   I would think it would be best to consider our titles in their
 medieval contexts, rather than yield to kind of small-minded
 scapegoating of words that obtains in the mundane press.
 Ld Charles MacKinnon
 Bryn Gwlad >>

Charles I think that the point isthat not alot of people like the ieda of the
title Warden. I know I would rather be called a champion,warlord,defender or
even CAVALIER        ( being a rapier fighter) . 
 I also think that we should not have the same title for the heavy ,light,
bardic A&S,archery ect winners. 

 Ld Pieter Rausch
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