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Mon Mar 8 16:41:13 PST 1999

Charles MacKinnon and Pieter provide the following example
of the Southern Region working together:

"True, but is it the title itself that lends it respect, or the effort
 required to earn it?"

"Then why if the title means so little are you pushing so hard for a Scot  
title? I mean besides the fact that you are a Scot and you would like it your  

As near as I can tell, we have heard from 3 people on the subject of a
title for the regional champion(2). 2 like "Warden", 1 doesn't. I see no  
reason for sniping. If you're going to comment, all that's needed
is a) your opinion, b) a reason, and c) an alternative, if you have one.  
Spare us the nasty comments, or at least take them private.

I like "Warden", at least for the heavy champion. It sounds medieval, and no  
other position is using it.

Alaric Styrr,
called TuhTahl
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