SR - Best laid War plans

Bob Dewart gilli at
Mon Mar 8 16:10:37 PST 1999

Greetings all,

It is with deep regret that I must inform everyone that HL Darcy and I won't
make it to war this year after all.

We were on our way, going down 281 heading to San Antonio to pick up a
passenger.  After passing Marble Falls I asked Darcy,"Do you smell
something?"  "Yea, it just started."  "Smells, like transmission fluid."
After awhile I looked out the side window.  Dark smoke was billowing out
from the car like a jet with a damage engine.  The stuff was soon every
where.  The cabin of the Suburban filled with smoke and we could hardly
breath.  I finally got stopped and smoke was every where.

A kind man stopped to be of assistance.  He had come through our smoke and
had though it fog till he smelled the burnt transmission fluid.

We were rescued by Lord James and Lord Padruig, both of our shire.  We're
home now.  We're OK.  However, the Suburban, trailor, arrow factory, 1,000
arrows and $400 worth of food for the kitchen aren't.  They're still sitting
along side the road where they bit the dust.  Recovery opperations will
start tomorrow.  But that's about it for us and this year's war for us.

Our most profound apologies to all those who were expecting us to be there.

For those of you who have not left yet, this shouldn't be too big of a
problem.  But for those who have already left, it may be.  I have left word
of our plight at the home of Sir John (the Autocrat).  If you happen to be
luckier than we were and manage to make it to the war, please pass the word
to HL Louise or Lord Talon.



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