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Thu Mar 11 13:02:47 PST 1999

For those of you not on the Ansteorran list (ed. note:  the research papers
needn't be made out of glass, simply about glass ;>):

Subject: ANST - Glass Arts Competition at TYC

Please pass this notice on to anyone you think might be interested.

At Ansteorra's Twentieth Year Celebration, a glass arts competition will be
sponsored by Mistress Teleri ferch Pawl. This is a sub-competition of the
main A&S competition; entrants must specify that they are also entering this
one in order to be judged.

Entries may fall into one of three categories: Hot/warm glass (including
flameworked, blown, and fused glass, as well as true glass enamels), cold
glass (including stained, etched, mosaic, and engraved glass), and glass
research papers.

There will be a prize for best overall, as well as one for each of the
divisions. Original works using well-documented period styles and
technologies will be most favored.

Glass arts entries may also be entered in the overall A&S competition.
Contact Mistress Teleri at esmitman at for more information.



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