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Fri Mar 12 16:21:23 PST 1999

CADET1313 at wrote:
> Then why if the title means so little are you pushing so hard for a Scot
> title? I mean besides the fact that you are a Scot and you would like it your
> way?

  I'm 'pushing' for a DIFFERENT title than the one that every other
tourney in the Known World uses. I suggested the title Warden because
it's a martial title which would be suitable for a tournament winner,
and it isn't used in any other SCA context I'm aware of. 
  And, for your information, Warden is not just a Scottish title, the
English also used it. In fact, they applied it to the officers placed in
command of the Border Marches, and the Scots accepted it when the Border
treaties were established.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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