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Martin, Brian bmartin at
Mon Mar 15 14:37:41 PST 1999

Pendaran proposed:
> Speaking of Crown; how about a regional discussion about the proposed
> champions event at Crown? It would certainly give people from across the
> region a chance to talk about the event off line.

Whereupon Pug replied:
I am all for this, except for one minor issue.


The only time I can think of is during the actually fighting or during
a circle. Either of which is fine with me, but who would be losing due
to this.

If you did it on Sunday, you would loose a lot of the day trippers from
the Southern Region.

Then again, maybe there is more time on the schedule that I would think.

Which prompted Pendaran to respond with:

Good points, Pug, but I think that Sunday would be the best bet. I think
that Saturday will just be too busy with the tourney and the subsequent
circles. You raised a good point about day trippers, though. I think (hope)
that the majority of folks from the region will camp. For those that do want
to day trip and also wish to voice an opinion on the event, I can offer two

	1.) If the day trippers in question are close enough, they can come
back out to the site on Sunday for the discussion.

	2.) If suggestion #1 can't be done, the day tripper can leave a
proxy (for lack of a better term) with someone whom they know will be at the

	I realize that these suggestions may not be the perfect answer, I
don't think that there is such a thing. I think that we need to do the best
that we can provide for those who wish to discuss the proposed event, but I
realize that there is no way that we can accommodate everyone. Regardless of
what we do, some one will be inconvenienced. The trick is to inconvenience
the fewest number of people. 

	I concede that Crown will be busy, but then most events are. I can
not think of a  better venue to discuss a proposed southern regional event
then the upcoming Crown Tournament. Crown will be held here in Bryn Gwlad,
most of the active folk in the region will be there, and its fairly soon but
not too soon to get the word out to folks who are not on line. 

	Having said that, I would want to hear what the event steward, Lord
Jehan, thinks about it. If the steward doesn't want the meeting at the
event, I'd drop the idea and look for another event.

	So those are my thoughts on the subject. They may be great or I may
be whacked out of my skull. Any discussion and feedback would be greatly
appreciated. :)

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