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Michael A Scofield ivarcat at
Tue Mar 16 20:07:41 PST 1999

Mirrim (mirrim at posted:
>Looking in March's Black Star, the next events in the region in 
>May. One is at Tempio and one is at Raven's Fort.

My suggestion is the Raven's Fort event would be best for the discussion.
 And I say that mainly because my Black Star has disappeared, and none of
the other publications show an event in Tempio. Although  having the
discussion at Crown is a good idea, I firmly believe that it is too soon,
and not everyone will be notified and able to comment. 

>We need to make sure the discussion is announced at
>everyone's populace meetings, fighter practices, in newsletters, etc,
>etc, etc.

If we can get the Raven's Fort folks to agree to have the discussion
there, we can let everyone know in plenty of time. 

>We probably should decide soon which event so we can get the word >out.

How about Raven's Fort?


BTW: if you show up at the discussion with an idea, be prepared to
volunteer to see it through as a deputy!

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