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Greetings all,

The why is very simple.  The early responces to my postings ran along the
lines of; and these are direct quoates copied off some of the postings:
"WITHOUT your arrows and assistance.",  "people do take care of themselves
and don't rely on others.", "combat archery forces can function without

My thought was this, " If they don't need or want them, then I don't need to
make them."  But I also knew that there are many more people on the lists
than those whose respondses I listed.  I wanted to see what folks thought
about it.  I also knew that not ever one would reply, but it would probably
do for a sampling of the overall opinon.

So there it is.  I wanted to know what other people thought about it.
That's all.  No let's see if we can get folks to vote for Gilli.  No chest
thumping. No staddling a high horse.
Just wanted to know.  And I had *no* idea I would get what I've been


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>HL Gilbert my vote is yes please bring them however I do think before you
>start counting Sir Lyonel's vote that you answer his questions specifically
>why.  This I also wanted to know as his letter had many good points.
><Uh...why?  I mean, I could understand this sort of posting if someone
>was complaining about the arrows, but no such thing occured.  Your
>vehicle broke down.  Several people offered to help.  You posted a
>letter taking them to task.>

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